At Little Treehouse Child Care Centre, we strive to provide quality care to each child while creating a safe learning environment. We believe children learn best through play and exploration.


Toddler Program

Age: 18 – 30 months

Ratio: ⅕ or 3:15 


Our toddler program is designed to provide a nurturing learning environment for our children. Our staff are registered Early Childhood Educators and focus on developing positive social/emotional skills among our toddlers. Positive adult/child interactions are our highest priority in order for our children to feel safe in their learning environment.

Toddlers are just learning to become independent and our goal is to help them create a connection with the outside world by providing new opportunities everyday.  Daily activities are planned according to children’s interests that guide them through positive learning experiences while developing cognitive, social, emotional, and communicative skills.

The toddler program also includes two hours of daily outdoor play (weather permitting), which promotes gross motor development during independent and group activities. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided at Little Treehouse Child Care Centre and each child’s dietary restrictions are our highest priority. 

The toddler program includes a daily rest period of two hours in which our toddlers get some time to rest.