At Little Treehouse Child Care Centre, we strive to provide quality care to each child while creating a safe learning environment. We believe children learn best through play and exploration.


Preschool Program

Age: 2.5 – 4.5 years

Ratio: ⅛ or 3:24


Our preschool classroom is designed to promote active learning through all activities. Children learn best through play when they are provided opportunities to explore and inquire in their environment.

Our qualified staff ensure to set up an environment that roots from children’s interests. We have a consistent daily schedule which gives children ownership of their day when they are aware of what comes next.

The preschool age group are now independent learners and are learning to become decision makers. Children are given plenty of opportunities throughout the day to make decisions, have plans and follow through with them. In the preschool classroom, children are now beginning to transition from independent play to learning how to cooperatively play with others and in groups.

The Little Treehouse Child Care Centre serves breakfast, lunch, and snacks on a daily basis. Our preschoolers are given two hours of rest time in which they can choose to nap or engage in quiet activities as they rest.