Sidra Siddiqui, President

Sidra Siddiqui has been in the Education Field since 2010 when she first started working at a Child Care Centre and discovered her passion in Education. Sidra has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and pursued her career as an Early Childhood Educator. She is now a licensed Grade Two Teacher in Ontario.

She loves working with young children and inspiring them to become leaders of tomorrow. She believes that children learn best through play and aspires to give every child hands-on learning opportunities from a young age. It’s the early year experiences and trusting relationships that have the greatest impacts on a childs development.

Little Treehouse Child Care Centre will give every child a reason to smile as they engage in inquiry and curiosity-based learning and grow into strong independent leaders.



Usman A. Siddiqui, Vice President

Usman A. Siddiqui is an SAP consultant by profession who graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He went on to complete his Masters of Liberal Arts, Information Technology and Information Systems Management from Harvard University Extension School.

Usman is also a proud father of two toddlers. Usman believes a good education is the gateway to success and the foundation of a happy life. For this reason, he’s fully invested in making Little Treehouse Child Care Centre a beaming example of excellence in early childhood education.





Scidra Sayeed, Marketing Director

Scidra Sayeed has completed her Bachelor’s in Literature and Psychology from the University of Karachi. She’s an avid reader and a young mom of two. Scidra believes being patient, forgiving and level-headed are the most important traits needed to be a good parent and caretaker. She also believes education is a fundamental part in a childs growth.

Being a naturally sensitive, friendly, warm and open person, she aspires to be valuable to the Little Treehouse Child Care Centre by forging strong relationships with parents, students and colleagues.





Sameer Alam, Technology Director

Sameer Alam graduated from University of Waterloo in 2014 with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. He is an Electrical Engineer with experience in electronics, programming, and web design.

Coming from a strong education background, Sameer believes education to be fundamental in a childs growth and their success. Sameer is excited on this journey to help raise the leaders of tomorrow.